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WHERE: De Kelders Gansbaai

The Klipgat Caves is a reminder that people lived around the Overstrand for more than 65 000 years. Some excavations around this site show the way people that lived here went from hunters to more modern sheep herders the Khoekhoen people.

Klipgat Cave has two chambers: the first has a rugged rocky surface and leads to the sea; the second is a small entryway that leads to the main cave excavation site and has a circular boardwalk going around the historical site.

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It was only discovered around the late 1960’s. There is evidence that people left the place suddenly around 300 years ago and the wipeout of the local population may have been due to a smallpox epidemic.

Today the caves are a tourist destination that tells the story of the people that lived here before us, and a sobering reminder of how easily we will be gone one day.

Have you ever visited the caves?

Marthunis Barnard
Marthunis Barnard
Marthunis is the Chief Executive of MyWhaleCoast. Although his focus is in the corporate sector his biggest passion is the people of the Overstrand. Marthunis became known in the region for reporting the unfiltered truth about various concerns in the community. Please feel free to contact him if you want exposure to a concern you have. e-mail: WhatsApp: 071 445 6088

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